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Aug 18

The history of tourism in Beaufort County, and Bluffton South Carolina, is one that has grown hand-in-hand over the years. In the late 18th century, the first European settlers began to explore the area for its natural beauty and clean air. In 1802, Robert Redhead and William Fairbanks became the first Europeans to settle along what is now known as Peninsula Road. This is also where St. James Plantation stands today. The plantation was established in 1791, making it one of the oldest tourist destinations in South Carolina. After several more European settlers came, it wasn’t long before the town of Bluffton was established as well. Today, both Bluffton and Beaufort County are home to some of South Carolina’s best coastal attractions that attract thousands of visitors each year. For Web Design in Blufton SC Learn about Kickstart Local here. 

Beaufort County History

Beaufort County was established in 1796. Located on the coast of South Carolina, the county serves as a gateway to the South Carolina Lowcountry. In the early part of the 19th century Beaufort County was a hot bed of health resorts. There were scores of hotels, boarding houses and sanitaria that served as places where people could take the waters to treat everything from gout to syphilis. Dr. J. H. Dodderidge of Hanover Co., NC was one of the first people to explore the benefits of drinking water with iodine. He built a cottage on the banks of the Pee Dee River that used a water filtering system to provide the purest source of drinking water. From there, he introduced the practice to many of his patients. Though Dr. Dodderidge’s health spas are long gone, the practice of drinking water with iodine survives.

Bluffton South Carolina History

Bluffton is a community located on the coast of the South Carolina Lowcountry in Beaufort County. Kickstart Local is located in Blufton SC. Founded in 1769, it is the oldest town in South Carolina and the sixth oldest permanent English settlement in the United States. It was first settled by Swedish and German farmers, who came to the area to plant tobacco. Many of these settlers chose Bluffton as their place of residence. Though much of Bluffton’s early history revolves around the cultivation of tobacco, the town was also established as a commercial port. During the Civil War, Bluffton served as a vital supply port for the Union army. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the town saw a period of great prosperity as a result of the Columbia-Savannah-Mystic Seaport (CSS) railroad. Today, Bluffton is a popular tourist destination that continues to serve as a vital port for commercial and recreational activity.

Why is Beaufort County Home to So Many Tourist Attractions?

Beaufort County is home to over 50 beaches, 12 lighthouses, and more than a dozen nature preserves, as well as some of the state’s top fishing spots. Surfing, scuba diving, sailing, kayaking and fishing are all popular pastimes in Beaufort County. The Lowcountry also offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, including golfing, hiking, camping and four distinct seasons for outdoor recreation. Several colleges and universities also provide an academic base for many visitors.

Fishing, Recreational Boating and Waterskiing in Beaufort County

Fishing is a popular pastime in South Carolina, and Beaufort County is one of the best places in the state to catch some fish. It is also home to some of the state’s best saltwater fishing, including the Waccamaw and Great Pee Dee River. Recreational boating is also popular in Beaufort County. The county has more than 8,000 acres of navigable waterways, making it a great place to boat, fish, sail or explore by kayak. Waterskiing is also popular in Beaufort County, where visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the area while gliding across the waters.


Beaufort County offers visitors a wide range of natural and cultural attractions. It is home to many of the state’s most beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and nature preserves. The Lowcountry also boasts some of the best fishing spots in the state. Whether you are visiting for the busy summer season, planning a weekend getaway or looking for a quiet getaway, Beaufort County is a great place to visit.