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Mount Pleasant South Carolina A Laid Back Family Friendly Community

Feb 27

Mount Pleasant South Carolina is a historic and vibrant community that has enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years. With easy access to Charleston, beaches and more, it’s a great option for families and young professionals looking for a home in a safe and family-friendly environment.

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It’s a town that lives at a slow pace and isn’t overly touristy, so you can experience everything in a comfortable manner. You’ll love its laid-back coastal lifestyle, incredible attractions and amazing shopping, restaurants and parks.

The history of Mount Pleasant is steeped in a fascinating blend of natural resources and human ingenuity. Throughout the centuries, Mount Pleasant has transformed from a Native American homeland and haven for settlers to a modern 21st-century suburb.

Indians, Spanish settlers and Europeans have all contributed to the development of this city on the Cooper River. Even before European settlers arrived, the Sewee Indians occupied the land that would become Mount Pleasant.

During the 1680s, English settlers were attracted to this area of the Cooper River because it was a perfect place for a port and shipbuilding industry. They were also drawn to the natural resources in the area, from the creek to the Wando River, which could be used for farming and fishing.

The first European settlement in Mount Pleasant was built in 1680 by Captain Florentia O’Sullivan, who was granted 2,340 acres (950 ha) of land on North Point. He began planting cotton and corn and also constructed a dam that formed Shem Creek, which flows into the Wando River.

A century later, the town was populated by wealthy Charleston residents who wanted to enjoy a quieter life across the Cooper River from the city. They developed a small community known as “The Old Village,” which includes a variety of beautiful homes with salty breezes from the harbor.

In 1803 an Englishman named James Hibben divvied up the former plantation property into lots, laying the groundwork for modern Mount Pleasant. The city’s growth continued after the Civil War, when freedmen flocked to the area.

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Mount Pleasant, Old Village is full of salty breezes and a commitment to preserving its historical charm. It’s a great choice for families, retirees and young professionals.

It’s a quaint area with historic architecture, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Charleston. The town’s pier is popular for fishing and kayaking, and you can also find many waterfront restaurants.

The Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge is a 2.5-mile cable-stayed bridge that connects the town to downtown Charleston and offers spectacular views of the harbor. It was completed in 2005 and features a walled pedestrian and bike bath.

Those who love history will want to check out Patriot’s Point Museum, a must-see military attraction. Here, visitors will see the world’s largest aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown, and learn about the history of South Carolina’s involvement in World War II.

Shem Creek Park is another outdoor destination that offers stunning views of the creek and a long boardwalk. It’s the perfect place to go for a picnic or a stroll.